» Playfiks helps you network, connect, schedule and engage with people who are into sports and fitness.

 » The Open and Standard Playfiks scheduler can be used to look for people to play with in your neighbourhood and city.

 » Form your sports group and schedule games and activities through the Group Playfiks. Or you can look for groups to join and engage with.

 » Upload pictures of your sports activities, discuss and share with your network across Playfiks, Facebook and twitter.

 » Get latest updated sports news from around the world in your news stream, comment and share them across Playfiks, Facebook and twitter.

 » Create a business page and publicise it amongst the Playfiks sports and fitness community.

 » Get a ready reference of key international sports events across the year.

 » Refer to sports classifieds for all your sport requirements -doctors, physios, trainers, stores and so on.




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