Clothing and Fashion are the second biggest polluters of our planet. Our planet does not need another clothing brand whose products are discarded to pollute. Why then PLAYFIKS® ?
Because PLAYFIKS® products are made from discards and are made to last a lifetime to be passed on. They are bio-degradable and infinitely recyclable. They are limited, timeless, exclusive and exquisite. They are water-light (Bamboo), ocean recycled (Econyl®) and planet safe (Gütermann®). All of the world's best and safest. So you don't discard. You wear it, keep it, preserve it.
 While our products are sustainable, our logistics is not. Yet. Sea and air transport continue to be big carbon emitters. We do a bit in offsetting this by partnering with world renowned One Tree Planted to plant trees across India. 

Health, as planet consciousness, is found in the Great Outdoors. Running, trekking, cycling, playing. It's where PLAYFIKS® was born. In the running communities, amongst marathoners, cyclists and trekkers with a mission to propagate good health and an active outdoor lifestyle. PLAYFIKS® has been a proud sponsor of marathons and outdoor active events from cities to the Great Himalayas.
Health is where it all started for us. 
Community is the soul of a mission. The active outdoor community is where our soul belongs. They are change agents for health and well-being of people and planet. PLAYFIKS® was a community platform that went on to become a brand in pursuit of a bigger mission to health and planet. It's where we are different. It's why we will always be.