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    Fantastic initiative to get people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Capt. Narasimha Keshavamurthy

    Chennai Runners

    Great work done by Playfiks to bring people together to lead a healthylifestyle

    Ramesh Babu

    Chennai Runners

    Thank you Playfiks for promoting our community and spreading the message of good health

    Viji Swaminathan

    UNIS Runners


    Yoga for relief from shoulder stiffness

    Relief from shoulder stiffness with this simple routine

    Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018

    Snippets from the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018

    Yoga for relief from stiff neck

    Relief from morning stiff necks with this simple routine

    Yoga for relaxing

    Relax body and mind before you go to bed

    Go Cycle with WCCG

    Cyclists from WCCG cycling group talk about why they started cycling and how it has changed their lives.

    How they changed their lives

    Runners who took to running for weight loss, to overcome health issues, how they did it and how they changed their lives.

    Ramesh Babu

    How running reduced his cholesterol


    TWCM2017 Race Day Video

    Raghul Trekker

    Triathlete, Ironman and trainer Raghul Trekker in conversation with Rajeev.

    Dream Runners

    Chennai's second largest running community the Dream Runners, talk about their chapters, philosophy, the DRHM and how running has changed their lives.