Health is an attitude


Health is an attitude. You can have it, or not, but you can always work at cultivating it. Unless you’re a professional athlete, most of us start getting physically active after encountering some kind of setback. It could be personal, professional, mental or medical - the need to get out of a rut. It could be a desire to shake up your system, or the need to meet new people. For many, that happens during mid-life when the pressures of career have already taken their toll on body, mind and spirit. This is the reason most health converts in the endurance categories are in their late thirties or forties. Life’s pressures drive them to push their limits in their newly discovered havens of limitless endurance activities. Before long, these activities become an integral part of their existence. Yet, is that still healthy living? Far better than many non-starters certainly, but it’s not the yardstick. A healthy lifestyle is a lot more than just activities. It’s an attitude. So what exactly is a ‘health’ attitude? It is the consciousness of good health permeating all aspects of your life. It goes all through your days and weeks and not just at the time of running, cycling or your chosen activity. You could call it disciplined or perhaps regimental, but those are notionally harsh on the mind. Attitude is a lot lighter and refreshing. The need to feel fresh every single moment forms the basis for a ‘health’ attitude. While an activity offers alertness, which continues on a while after, what about the rest of the day? Are you glad that the morning run is done and ‘relieved’ to indulge for the rest of the day on questionable food or drinks? Then, I’m afraid the attitude is only mildly existent. That means it’s non-existent. I see scores of people who fervently sweat it out in the mornings only to destroy it soon after with rapid deep-dives into unhealthy food and drink intake. Sugary and oily foods, large sized colas, compulsive snacking and what have you. Why? Because the morning activity ‘justifies’ the indulgence? Maybe, yes, but indulgence in a regulated, conscious manner. Until that consciousness becomes a mind wrap, good health is just a momentary lapse from unhealthy indulgence. The quiet consciousness to practice healthy eating, drinking, living, sleeping and mindfulness through most part of one’s existence is what defines the right attitude to good health. Health then becomes the attitude that defines you. One that sets you high up from an evolutionary standpoint. Are you there yet ?