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Why do I get injured so frequently?


Aravind Kumar is a UESCA certified running trainer, nutrition coach, an accomplished runner and Playfiks athlete. In this article, he offers some insight into the most common causes of running injuries and how you can avoid the pain being sidelined. “My shin hurts whenever I start running, or my ITB is screwed because of my endless mileage.” One of the common complaints I receive from runners is injury prevention, rehab and getting back to running after an injury. There are so many reasons for getting injured, but most of them can be classified into these 5 causes: Over training Ignorance on rest & nutrition Improper form Improper shoes Lack of strengthening if you are running regularly 90% of runners get injured due to one key reason which is DOING TOO MUCH TOO SOON. Before we go into the topic, let us understand the basic premise of training. For most runners, training is just endless mileage. However training is a combination of workout (1) + Rest (2) + Nutrition (3). Most runners get injured because (2) and (3) are completely ignored. I have already discussed a lot about recovery & nutrition and the post can be found HERE (link). Unfortunately, most of the runners are ignorant about this and so get injured pretty often. In today’s post, am going to talk about the reasons that lead to overtraining, which is one of the primary causes of injury. Unrealistic Aspirations I have personally seen runners who started off with a 10km in May, ran a Half Marathon in August & then a Full Marathon in December. This is a perfect recipe for disaster. One has to be slow and steady with the progression and not be unrealistic. Remember the thumb rule. If you do NOT respect your body, it will NOT respect you. PERIOD. Not Prioritizing Goals All of us have goals. They can bring a lot of joy when you attain them. But, we should all learn to prioritize our top objectives. You cannot train for various races/sports in one go. Prioritize your goals and approach them one by one. It’s always good to have ambitions that help you move forward, but having ambitions that stop you from progressing is NOT worth it. Peer Pressure & Social Media This is probably one of the most important reasons that I know that leads to Injury. All of us are entitled to do whatever we want. So I don’t care if someone chooses to remain ignorant, but we have NO right to invite someone else for the same stupidity. BE SMART & BE SENSIBLE. Ignoring Rest/Recovery & Nutrition One of those key aspects that I see nowadays is a streak of runs without any rest & nutrition. This is is definitely a TURN OFF for me. I am not at all against such runs. In fact I have aspirations like running 50 marathons in 50 days and running a marathon every day in all states of India. However, I will ensure that I have a plan in place for my rest & nutrition. To embark on such a daunting mission, I am willing to take a bet that 99% of runners do not care about rest & nutrition. Obviously, they are prone to injuries. I wrap up this post with a question to ponder. Although running is considered a sport that involves one’s mental ability to a great extent, do you really think it’s worth going through hell, getting injured, completely going outside one’s boundaries? Or, is it better to be smart and opting for a ‘Did Not Finish’ and instead get ready for the next race. My personal opinion is that any event/racing that puts you out of action for more than 2 weeks, is definitely not worth it.