Fine, high quality, long lasting, ethically manufactured, sustainable active wear. Playfiks products are made from fine fabrics across Europe and Asia to levels of quality that are simply the best in the industry. Sustainability is a core element across all Playfiks products where fabrics, labels, packaging and even thread is recycled. Most importantly, the Playfiks quality ensures products last a long time without the need to replenish, discard and damage the environment. All Playfiks products are manufactured in socially and ethically compliant factories with highest levels of International certification. Playfiks is the ONLY brand in the world with certificates of testing and compliance attached to products for complete transparency. 100% quality. 100% ethical. Only the best. Playfiks®

brand Philosophy

Three key values drive our Playfiks’s mission: QUALITY - This is the heart of our business and what defines us as a brand. Quality is not just a claim. It is our number one promise to you. By using technically superior fabrics from all over the world and globally-certified Indian factories to make our products, we deliver the best activewear on the market. No exceptions. CARE - We make everything with great care so it lasts longer for you and the environment. Less new gear means less resources used long term. All of our factories are audited using global social and environmental compliance standards to ensure our people and our planet are cared about and treated with respect. COMMUNITY - We are an intrinsic part of our active communities, because community connection is essential to our being. Our online active-tech platform helps bring people together to connect, share and engage in their favorite active pursuits. This helps us give back to our communities by getting more people to lead healthier, active lifestyles.

about the founder

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Mr. Rajeev Krishnan

How the defining moment came about... Whether it was playing badminton for 2 hours every day at age 10, or waking up at 5 am every day and riding my bicycle 10km to play tennis at age 14, hitting the gym for 3 hours a day in college, playing squash through my 30's and running marathons now in my 40's, there's just one thing that clearly stands out in all this - my passion for the active lifestyle. I was never a school or college level sportsman, nor district or state level. None of it. I am just someone who loves the active life that’s inbuilt in my system. And then there’s the other passion that defined my career. I would refuse to go to school if I didn’t have the right fitting shirt, or step out because my clothes didn’t have the right look. I even delayed going to college because I couldn’t get into a top fashion institute. What followed was 25 years in the clothing business, working with the biggest brands across the world, merchandising, manufacturing, sourcing and designing a wide variety of clothing products. I brought my uncompromising attitude in fashion across to only accepting the best quality results, because when you work for the biggest brands, that’s all they accept as well. These two loves came together when my ‘active’ side led me to start an online platform connecting runners with each other. Called Playfiks, it was a way to help spread that joy I felt in active pursuits. I also knew that Indians could be fitter and live fuller lives if they were just given a convenient platform. This was Fit India even before the #fitindia clarion call of today. At the same time, I was dissatisfied with the current activewear in the market. It simply didn’t perform as claimed. So, I started to make my own clothes for running in. Using my decades of fabric and clothing knowledge, I made styles that fit an Indian body shape better, had better moisture-wicking properties for our humid climate, and had more colour to them instead of always being the black or grey preferred by international brands. India is the land of colours after all! The tees had a Playfiks logo on them for some added publicity to the community platform. Other runners soon started noticing these interesting tees. It seemed they were having the same issues I was when it came to finding the absolute best quality products. To help my fellow runners get the most of their running gear, I made a small batch for them which was received incredibly well. Pleasantly surprised, another ( slightly more professional :)) batch was made for a formal sale at the Chennai Marathon expo in December 2017. It was an instant success. The message was clear. This is what I was meant to do. Clothing for an active lifestyle. Activewear clothing. Both of my lifelong passions. This was why I rode that 10km at dawn to play a game. This was why I refused to step out without the right fitting outfit. It has all been a work in progress to this point. Now, it’s time for real work. To bring you the best product experience. To bring you Playfiks.