Responsible, ethical and meticulously crafted activewear brand for the outdoor actives.


To provide the finest quality and most responsibly manufactured activewear clothing to conscious and outdoor loving active people.


PLAYFIKS originated in active communities which till today is the heart and soul of the brand. The brand started as a platform to motivate people to step outdoors, join active communities and lead an active lifestyle. However the founder- a marathoner and a dyed in the wool apparel product guy for 28 years - realised the abject disconnect between product claims of brands in the market to their actual performance. There came about the mission of making product that stood true to its claims with absolute transparency and certifications that customers could see for themselves. PLAYFIKS was thus born to provide the active community with real product that performed to properties such as moisture wicking, anti- microbial over a full marathon as was expected of other products that claimed but sadly did not. From running came about specialised products for an active lifestyle.

PLAYFIKS is the only brand to display certifications of fabric performance and compliance standards of manufacturing in their tags for customer knowledge. Added to commitments of product quality and transparency came about the commitment to environment. Again, true to claim and absolutely transparency. No greenwashing. No vague terminology. PLAYFIKS products are recycled, upcycled, recyclable. All packaging is recycled and FSC certified. Collections are season agnostic and increasingly becoming gender neutral to minimise excess production.

Products are of high quality that last long eliminating the need for regular replenishment or constant discard into our environment and the oceans. All these are a small step in mitigating environment damage done by the clothing industry over the years. Small yet significant. And this is just the beginning.
PLAYFIKS is here.


PLAYFIKS® collaborates with One Tree Planted to plant 500 fruit trees in Maharashtra. A small step for a giant need to save our environment.

One Tree Planted is a recipient of $15million grant from the Bezos earth fund. They are reforestation partners with rock band Coldplay and luxury giant Chanel amongst many others. They have planted almost 40 million trees since 2014 with a goal of 27 million trees in 2021 alone.

PLAYFIKS® is proud to be a partner with them.


Active lifestyle for the environment.

Every outdoor/indoor fitness activity generates a sweatcoin . Each sweatcoin is matched with a donation by PLAYFIKS® to plant 500 fruit trees in Maharashtra.

Activelifestyle - Environment - Carbon capture - Nutrition - Farmer support.